With video games now being a fairly popular pastime for the past four decades or so, we’re catching up to movies in the sense that older classics are being remade for a modern audience with modern sensibilities. We can get out our canes and tell the grandkids that Resident Evil 2 was an absolute classic back in the day but, let’s be honest, it’s pretty rough around the ages these days.

Which is why Resident Evil 2 Remake was such a revelation. A fairly tried and true game at heart, RE2 Remake kept the beating core of Resident Evil 2 and yet deliver massively improved visuals, enhanced UI and navigation design, and a smattering of new content. It is a gaming classic given a new lease of life. Proof, if proof were needed, that remakes don’t just need to be transparent cash grabs like they are in the world of movies.

Now that many classic 3D games now getting on for 25 years old, don’t expect the trend of remakes to slow down any time soon. Some, like Destroy All Humans! Remake and SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated, seem to veer into the slightly pointless, while others, such as Final Fantasy VII Remake (Part 1), are sure to be groundbreaking events in their own right.

Remakes designed to cash in on nostalgia, as well as celebrating the true greats, are going to be a big part of gaming for, well, forever, or at least until this rock we live on turns into a flaming ball of fire. But, out of all the games that have ever been, which do you think is most deserving of a remake? Is there a dated classic which needs revamping for the modern era?

I'm going to put a quick shout in for the original The Witcher. It's a rough game these days and hasn't aged well at all. The Witcher 3's systems plus Cyberpunk 2077's visual quality? Yes, please, thank you.

Let us know what game you would love to see remade, below!

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"Mafia 1"
"A lot of 2000s games, GTA Vice City and san andreas, nfs underground 2, mafia 1, assassin's creed 1…"
"Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindKnights of the Old Republic (1 and 2)Lords of Magic"