Remember that petition we’ve all signed in hopes of getting Rockstar to come to an agreement on making GTA V for the PC?

Well, after being on tenterhooks for a while Rockstar has finally spoken out stating that the game was actually being considered to get ported to the – Wii U!

GTA V Might Be In Development For Wii U


YAAAAYY- Wait what?

Wii U?

You’ve heard right, though the hefty petitions being signed daily mean Rockstar should notice us sooner or later, it looks like they had their eyes on something else from the very beginning; getting their game on a Nintendo system.

As bizarre as it sounds, Dan Houser – Rockstar’s vice president – has stated that though it wasn’t official, they are very much considering the possibilities of porting the game to – what they claimed to be – a revolutionary console.

The latest article talking about a PC release was covered by Felix here (It ain’t good news)

For loads of info about GTA V including some screenshot analysis, our fellow GD writer Warmice has got you all covered right here

What do you think of the peculiar change of heart Rockstar is having? Do you believe the new Wii U might actually acquire the game while the veteran, long-time PC gamers end up having absolutely nothing? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments section and we'll get back to you with more in the future.

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