Id Software brought its A-game yesterday evening with the unveiling of the second official trailer for Doom Eternal. The ultra-violent clash of flesh and metal takes a trip to Earth, where Hell’s armies have invaded, intent on the absolute destruction of humanity.

Doom Eternal’s second trailer tees up the single-player campaign, including the return of Samuel Hayden and talk of the Doom Slayer being a usurper. It’s all really just a great reason to grab a humongous arsenal and start ripping and tearing though, providing glimpses at a few new tidbits such as switch gates, the lightning gun coming to single-player, and what definitely passes for a ruddy great demonic lightsaber.

A quick shout out to the work of composer Mick Gordon as well, who lives as if he’s done it again. He’s established himself as monstrous force in first-person shooter soundtracks and Doom Eternal is already sounding brutal on the ears. 

Following that unfortunate delay last year it looks as if Doom Eternal is now fully locked in for a March 20th launch. It’s arguably the first massive AAA release of the year so it’s perfectly poised to become a huge success for id Software and Bethesda, provided it’s at least a worthwhile improvement over the original, which it certainly seems to be.

Doom Eternal is coming to the full sweep of PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia, with a Switch release to follow later in the year.