UPDATE: Metro Exodus's eagerly anticipated second expansion pack is out now. Deep Silver and 4A Games have marked the occasion by dropping the first trailer for the story DLC.

Sam's Story following US Marine Sam, a Spartan Ranger under Colonel Miller who's decided it's about time he makes way back over to the US. Trust me Sam, it's probably not a whole lot better over there. 

Carrying on the theme from the base game, Sam's Story features a single expansive sandbox survival level set in the tsunami-ravaged city of Vladivostok. Sam's on the hunt for some transport which can take him over the pond, although it looks as if he swiftly discovers he's not alone.

Metro Exodus: Sam's Story is out now via the Epic Games Store for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with a Steam release to follow on February 15th.

Original Story: 28-Jan-2019 - Metro Exodus final expansion announced - Sam's Story heads in search of the US

The second and final DLC expansion for Metro: Exodus is launching of February 11th, 4A Games has announced. Metro: Exodus - Sam's Story tells the tale the story of Sam Branskill, a familiar character to Metro fans. He joined Artyom’s crew as a member of the Aurora, as well as serving as Colonel Miller’s personal bodyguard.

Metro’s final DLC charts Sam’s attempted journey to make his way from the Aurora, through Vladivostok, and eventually aiming to make his way back to the good ol’ United States of America. We doubt they’re very much better over the other side of the pond.

Vladivostok is a city raved by a tsunami featuring ruined harbours, decrepit warehouses and decaying residential districts. Getting out of there alone could be a tricky prospect, what with the radiation poisoning, crazy bandits, deadly mutants, freezing cold and having to wipe his goggles every 30 seconds for ‘immersion’. Like I said, not easy.

Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia on February 11th, 2020. Conveniently, that's just three days before Metro Exodus comes to Steam so for those of you who've been patiently waiting, congratulations, you can now get the complete package!