EK releases new all-in-one CPU liquid cooling range

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Jan 30, 2020 3:58 PM

EK has announced a new range of liquid cooling solutions. This time branded as an all-in-one (AIO) package. Previously EK has been known for it’s efforts in overclocking systems, however this new range seems to be an upgrade from a previous range, the Phoenix series, which was also branded as an AIO design.

The new all-in-one design is compact and comes fully assembled allowing the user to easily implement it into their own rig, with a custom monoblock design. EK calls it “plug-and-play liquid cooling solution” as the CPU block has a tool-less block design, offers universal CPU compatibility and comes pre-filled with coolant. Alongside the CPU block are the powerful Vardar S fans which ensures high airflow through your rig.

It even looks pretty good as well: with a very sleek design and fully customisable D-RGB lighting effects. The acrylic monoblock cover acts as a diffuser for the 9 integrated LEDs allowing for smooth lighting transitions along with a diamond cut and aluminium rotary fittings for the CPU block with the signature EK plaque premium finish. It’s fully compatible with third-party software and motherboard controllers, allowing the lighting setups and fan speeds to be adjusted on the fly. You can choose from a range of D-RGB (Digital RGB) lighting effects as well as fan speed optimisation for either performance or silent running.

The rubber tubes come pre-installed and highly durable, with a reinforced sleeve acting as protection from wear and tear. They are connected to the CPU block via diamond cut aluminium rotary tube connections which allows for easy mounting and a full range of movement for easy tube adjustment. The high-static pressure fans are industrial grade EK-Vardar, built specifically for liquid cooling systems on high-performing computers. The 7-fin fan blade design is optimised for maintaining minimal noise.

Currently you can purchase the system in 3 sizes:

1 fan: $80.99

2 fans: $107.99

3 fans: $139.49

It’s a high price for liquid cooling, but EK has maintained a good reputation for reliable, high-performing systems. Although the all-in-one design is pretty handy for those who don’t have the necessary technical know-how or don’t want to spend much time tinkering away at their rig, preferring a cleaner and simpler solution.

What do you think? Do you like the sound of an all-in-one design? Or do you prefer to get specific when upgrading and modifying your rig?


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22:07 Jan-30-2020

I currently dont need to OC this CPU, as the fps gains are 1-2 fps more, because most of the time im playing at 60 fps, sometimes it drops to 45 in really demanding titles.

05:39 Jan-31-2020

Well yea you do have more of a gpu bottleneck. Maybe you can tinker with your gpu that should give you more fps unless you alredy maxed it out.

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16:55 Jan-30-2020

IMO this is not only over-priced but also pointless. Also... RGB lighting, seriously? LOL GTFO with that crap.

Unless you OC, you don't need this.

19:02 Jan-30-2020

I'd be so happy if I could use a passive cooler on my next cpu. Currently using the noctua NH-D14 with the resistor cables and still think it's loud (you can hear the low tones).
I think I moved towards the Apple "way" of comfort. Let the PC hurt (but not too much), not your ears ;)

09:45 Jan-31-2020

Non RGB in 2020 looks boring.


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