Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, will be leaving the company in March. Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, stated his departure comes after an “extended break” and that they were “extremely grateful” for the contributions Mr. Houser made to the company. However, Dan’s brother, Sam Houser, will remain as president of the company.

"We are extremely grateful for his contributions," reads the statement from Take Two, "Rockstar Games has built some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful game worlds, a global community of passionate fans and an incredibly talented team, which remains focused on current and future projects."

Many fans will know of Dan's work as lead writer for the Grand Theft Auto series as well as Red Dead Redemption and Bully. Rockstar’s games have always been a testament of quality in every department, and the writing is no exception.

Whilst generally considered controversial, Rockstar has always maintained a vivid world with unique characters and captivating stories. Grand Theft Auto V is the third best-selling game of all time selling over 110 million copies worldwide to date, which is only a testament to their assurance of quality.

It seems the ripple effects are already coming in to play, as Take-Two’s stock fell by 5% shortly after the announcement of Dan’s departure.

According to Take-Two, the remaining team at Rockstar Games are focused on upcoming projects. It is unclear whether Dan worked on these upcoming projects or not, but being such a creative lead behind the narrative of Rockstar’s biggest series, Grand Theft Auto, we can imagine his work will be seen when the eventuality of GTA 6 is announced.