It’s about three years ago now since I did a couple of articles guessing which 10 console exclusive games will eventually come to PC. Each and every one of these franchises is now on PC or, in the case of Death Stranding, soon to be. So if you’ll forgive my self congratulations, I think I’ve convinced myself that I have the Midas touch. Sadly, nothing I touch turns to gold, but the console games I have written about do tend to end up on PC….

With that I mind, I thought it was about time we put our thinking caps on and attempt to decipher which console exclusives are going to come to PC. 

But then I quickly realised - a lot has changed in the gaming landscape, even over just the past three years. Outside of actual first-party titles funded by Nintendo and Sony, practically everything ends up on PC at some point. Sure, the odds of The Last of Us: Part 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild are extraordinarily slim but, for everything else, it’s practically a given that a PC version will appear at some point. Once mighty console franchises like Monster Hunter, Yakuza, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and more, have all found themselves a home on the world’s most versatile gaming platform.

Last time around, we took a look at 10 exclusives. This time around, well, it’s thin pickings, and we think that’s a good thing. For the most part, you can write off Nintendo games ever coming to PC. Should Nintendo ever leave the hardware business, it would be a possibility. Until then, Nintendo views its exclusives as the prime reason to buy into its hardware. As for Sony, there are some green shoots there. So-called ‘second-party’ titles like Death Stranding and Detroit: Become Human have shown that it’s unlikely but possible. Lastly there’s Microsoft, which now brings each and every exclusive Xbox game to PC as well as console. Problem solved.

So here’s our (much smaller) list of the 10 console exclusives which we think will probably end up coming to PC.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn will probably be an anomaly rather than the norm. All the signals suggest Horizon is coming to PC, but it smacks of a marriage of convenience more than it does of Sony and PC being star crossed lovers. Death Stranding runs on the Decima game engine built for Horizon: Zero Dawn. With Death Stranding coming to PC and that work largely already done, Sony probably sees value in bringing an older game over using largely the same tech.


Final Fantasy VII Remake

You’ll have to excuse me giving myself a bit of a gimmie. While Final Fantasy VII Remake has only been officially announced for PlayStation 4, a PC version is all but assured. Sony has seemingly splashed the cash for a full year of exclusivity, after which FFVII Remake is anybody’s game. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will come to PC in the first half of 2021, of that we can be sure.



Dreams is a mighty strange game. Wildly ambitious, incredibly deep and almost laboriously complex for anyone who hopes to the most out of it. It’s absolutely not your typical console game, which is a PC version makes so much sense. Dreams is a game which will live and die based on its wealth of content creators. Anything which Sony can do to broaden this base is going to help, and the PC community will be all-too-keen to mess around the creation tools and see what they can dream up. It’s not modding, sure, but Dreams could be a great stepping stone for PC and PlayStation users wanting to mess around with making their great ideas a reality. For this reason, Dreams on PC seems as if it could be a sure-fire thing for Sony. 


Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing in Disguise

On this list simply because it not coming to PC would be an absolute travesty. Until a few months ago, the original Deadly Premonition wasn’t even available on a Nintendo console. PC players have done the leg work for a full decade, buying, supporting and playing this cult adventure horror game. To never see the culmination of this bizarre game on PC would be a real punch to the gut. But, again, we think it’ll happen in due course. We’re probably looking at a similar deal to what we saw with Daemon X Machina - a short period of exclusivity on Nintendo Switch before publishers are free to pitch a version of Deadly Premonition 2 on other platforms. The only question mark now is - will a publisher dare to give a niche game its cash backing?


Astral Chain

Another Nintendo Switch exclusive but, due to the third-party relationship with PlatinumGames, who seem to be learning a few lessons about keeping hold of its IP, one we believe could eventually go multi-platform. The likes of Bayonetta 2 and 3 seem to be locked up tight by Nintendo but Astral Chain smacks of a game which Nintendo may be willing to lock go once its juice has run out on the Switch. For Platinum fans, this would be a biggie as well, achieving near-universal praise when it came out last year. It’s sporting a gorgeous anime-esque sci-fi art-style which could really benefit from playing at a crisp higher resolution.

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