Creator of Stardew Valley is working on two new games set in the Stardew universe

Written by Chad Norton on Thu, Feb 13, 2020 3:35 PM
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Ready for the Expanded Stardew Valley Cinematic Gaming Universe? Two new games have sort-of been revealed by Eric Barone, the creator of Stardew Valley, who worked solely on the hit farming sim sensation, bringing it from Steam Greenlight (remember those days?) back in 2012, all the way to millions upon millions of copies sold by 2020. A few years ago he mentioned a couple more projects he’s working on, but now we have official confirmation as to what those games will potentially be.

Responding to a tweet, Eric said he’s working on two new games set in the Stardew Valley universe, one of which is not a farming game. The other project is a little more vague; Eric said he’s not too sure about the world it’s set in yet, but that it will tie into Stardew Valley in some way.

With bigger companies in both the games and film/TV industries taking interests in spin-offs of famous titles, it’s a little odd to see such a small studio (in fact just one person) follow the same trend. But at the same time it’s a little endearing that he’s created such a beloved and colourful world that he wants to carry on exploring it for the time being.

"I’ve been deliberately secretive about it because I want to be able to work on it without any pressure for the time being," said Barone back in 2018 on one of his devblogs, confirming the new project would be on hold for the time being.

"I also want to make sure the concept is fully realized before revealing anything, because once it’s out there, I’m going to have to fully commit to it. I’m a pretty cautious person when it comes to this sort of thing."

So now it seems like the pet cat’s out of the bag - Eric is officially working on these new projects and for the next 20 years we’ll see the Stardew Valley Gaming Universe fully come to fruition. And who knows, maybe Disney will catch wind and start to dip their toes in the Stardew pool...

I for one think it would be really fun to have a game where you play as a local shopkeeper trying to manage your goods, but directly links to the farm you created in Stardew Valley and the crops you harvested there. That will truly make for some entertaining gameplay when you realise your mistake in running a solely watermelon-based farm, and try to convince your customers of the nutritional benefits of 100% melon-based diet for the next few months because you're out of potatoes and beets.

What do you think the new projects could be? Would you be interested in running a shop where you have to sell the goods you planted and harvested in Stardew Valley? Let us know!

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19:14 Feb-13-2020

Can't wait to see what happens. Stardew Valley was my favorite game from 2016 so I'm interested to see what else the creator can bring to the table.


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