Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream has announced it’s now intending to self-publish all its futures. Quantic Dream will be a wholly independent development and publishing outfit, meaning future games should no longer be tied to exclusivity deals.

“After 23 years of learning, discovery, and growth, the studio is now going independent — and we have become masters of our own destiny,” said Quantic Dream co-CEOs David Cage and Guillaume de Fondaumière.

“The last two years have been exceptional: the success of Detroit: Become Human; the growth of an incredible global community; the launch of our games on PC – these are just a few of our highlights. Thanks to Detroit: Become Human, we’ve been able to realize the vision we held dear since the creation of Quantic Dream.

“And so, for the first time in 23 years of working with prestigious publishers, we are now in a position to self-publish.”

Going forward, it means Quantic Dream is in a position to take advantage of the technology opportunities offered by all next-generation consoles, as well as green-lighting PC versions of its future releases.

As it currently stands, Quantic Dream has no announced projects. Its last game, Detroit: Become Human, launched on PS4 in early 2018, while a PC port came to the Epic Games Store just before Christmas. The studio’s probably been cooking up its next project for a while then, so we’d expect to hear something soon enough.