Rainbow Six: Siege is at an all time high right now. After the success of the multiplayer destruct-a-thon game skyrocketed, Ubisoft has not shown any signs of slowing down. With every new season bringing 2 brand new operators, we now have a full roster of 52 playable characters (that’s just over half of 100, the target goal of playable characters that Ubisoft wants to achieve). Regardless of whether or not you started to think that the developers were struggling to keep things fresh and interesting with their characters, season 5 is kicking things off with a banger as the Operation Void Edge reveal trailer just landed...

Now did that guy just run through a wall? Yes. Was that lady seriously on the moon? Yes. Did she just go invisible?? Yes. Yes to all of that.

So we’ve got some sort of human tank and a moon assassin… I’m in. Seriously though these characters are bonkers, and I’m not sure if in a good way yet. The new defender, Oryx, burst into the reveal trailer by seemingly running through a wall - and don’t worry that wasn’t just a gimmick, it’s his actual ability. Yes, we finally have a superhero on R6 Siege. He can run through soft walls (taking 10 damage in the process) and even knock shield enemies like Montagne onto the ground, finally giving defenders a chance to fight back against the dreaded Shield horde… Oh yeah, and he can casually jump up through hatches above him.

The new attacker, Iana, understandably sent a few people wild from the reveal. Her new superpower- I mean ability is to be able to create a holographic clone of herself. Okay, so we now have Alibi as an attacker, that’s kinda cool. But wait! It doesn’t end there… Iana’s hologram can walk and talk just like her, peeking corners and baiting enemies into prematurely setting off their traps and revealing their positions in the process.

So Siege has gone completely whacko now, but we’ll see how this affects the overall meta later when the new season starts. The official release date is not yet confirmed, but we can expect to play as Oryx and Iana sometime in March. If you want to get your hands on them early however, the new characters will go live on the test servers as of tomorrow.

What do you think of the new operators? Will you be playing them as soon as they come out?

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