After the launch of Nvidia’s own cloud gaming service, Geforce Now, was hit with relatively high praise, something was bound to happen as no good thing comes without a price. Nvidia recently announced that Activision Blizzard’s games were pulled from their service from what seemed like a strange move to get less people excited to use the new platform. But now we finally have an answer as an Nvidia rep recently announced that it was all a ‘misunderstanding’.

Apparently, Activision Blizzard and Nvidia were in talks before the service launched in order to strike a deal. Activision Blizzard wanted a commercial agreement in place before Geforce Now launched and it seems like Nvidia took that to include their 90-day trial period for founders members since they were a key part of the beta testing stage. But it turns out that wasn’t the case, and once Activision Blizzard voiced their concerns Nvidia was quick to pull them from the service.

It doesn’t seem like anyone’s mad at each other though, and I’m sure Nvidia wants their games back on the service as soon as possible. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Overwatch are huge games with big fanbases so both companies will understandably want them back out ASAP. Hopefully they can strike a deal soon.

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Have you been using Geforce Now lately? What do you think of it? And is it a dealbreaker that you can't play Activision Blizzard games at the moment? Let us know!