What a perfect Valentine’s day present… for those of you with an itch to get back into some post-apocalyptic action can rejoice, as you can now finally purchase Metro: Exodus on Steam, and with a handy 40% off too! The offer is only available until Tuesday however, so grab your gas masks, faulty weapons and silent protagonist to venture into the Radioactive Russian Wasteland... hey that sounds like a pretty cool band name.

After a rough period of time being an Epic Games Store exclusive and most of the sales coming from consoles, die-hard fans were anxiously waiting for the inevitable Steam release. And now that year-long exclusivity deal is over, 4A Games finally have their child back in the hands of most PC gamers.

So now we’re all back to where things were before, with a new clean slate and a bright future ahead of us as a sequel is currently in development.

If you’re new to the franchise and deciding whether or not to start now, the Steam release also includes a bundle that has both previous games: Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux, along with all the DLC of the new game. So it’s a pretty good deal for newcomers!

Still unsure? Then read our review of Metro Exodus where our resident Jon Sutton said: “As a sequel, Metro Exodus pulls ahead of the rest of the franchise in a big way by leaving the very metro itself behind. Aesthetically, the place is a joy to explore from beginning to end, and there’s enough variation to keep things feeling fresh. Dig down deep and it’s another Metro with a new skin, but it’s a damned good one of those all the same.”

Will you be getting Metro Exodus on Steam? Already have it? Then tell us what you think!