Rainbow 6 Siege 2-year roadmap revealed - Maps, House rework, 10 operators, Chanka Buff

Written by Jon Sutton on Mon, Feb 17, 2020 12:37 PM
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Just when you dare think Rainbow Six: Siege has peaked, it goes and proves us all wrong again. The Six Invitational 2020 Grand Final took place yesterday evening (or the wee hours of the morning, depending on where you are), used as the ultimate platform for unveiling all the new content and changes coming Rainbow 6 Siege’s way.

In addition to the already announced new Operation Void Edge Operators, let’s take a quickfire look at all of the major changes happening to Rainbow Six Siege over the next two years and beyond.

Year 5 Roadmap

  • 6 new Operators (Oryx & Lana for Season 1, plus a South African and Norwegian for S2, 'Classified’ for S3 and Thai for S4)
  • 4 map reworks (Oregon, House, Skyscraper, Chalet)
  • 4 Arcade Playlist events
  • 4 Battle Passes

Seasons 3 and 4 of Year 5 differ from the norm in that there’ll be just one new Operator per season. This is to simplify things while core gameplay changes and reworks are implemented in the back half of the year. 

Arcade Mode will allow Ubisoft to have a little fun with Siege. These will be short, time-limited events designed as a break from Ranked play. First up is Golden Gun mode, which should be instantly familiar to Goldeneye fans. It's one-hit kill with a Desert Eagle, only it'll require a reload after each and every shot.

Year 6 Roadmap

  • 4 new Operators
  • Core gameplay reworks
  • 4 new maps
  • 4 Arcade Playlist events
  • 4 Battle Passes

Tachanka Rework

The meme lord himself is finally being given another rework in order to try and make him viable. Based on early footage, he certainly looks like a decent choice for defenders once his rework goes live. His LMG is now carried around rather than turret-based, doing significant soft wall damage. He’s also equipped with an incendiary grenade launcher which could prove crucial for covering entry points.

Next-gen version of Rainbow Six Siege will be ready for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X launches.

Match Replays - record matches and rewatch them using the spectator system.

Ping Overhaul - An Apex Legends-type pinging syste4m for marking gadgets, defusers, soft walls, etc. 

Map Ban - For Ranked play only, teams are given a choice of three maps and can ban one each, leaving a final map which will be played.

New gadgets - Proximity alarm (thrown alarm which will set off when players are nearby) and a hard breach gadget which is intended to reduce the reliance on hard breachers such as Hibana and Thermite.

Reputation System - I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Siege has a bit of a toxicity problem. A new Reputation System for Siege will give players a score depending on their overall behaviour. Repeatedly team kill or grief other players and your reputation will slide, increasing ban sanctions and placing you with similar players.

There's a whole ton of stuff coming to Rainbow Six Siege then, and this isn't even touching on what we're expecting to be a few comprehensive gameplay reworks of the next few years.

Are you all-in on Siege for the next few years? What do you make of Ubisoft limiting the number of new Operators added in the years ahead?

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13:20 Feb-17-2020

Only good Ubisoft game in recent years ..dedicated dev team ..


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