Doom’s the sort of franchise that wears its heart on its sleeve. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out what it’s all about. Still, for those still unsure whether this is a hyper-violent first-person shooter in which the aim is to kill as many demons as quickly as possible, Bethesda has provided a handy little ‘What is Doom Eternal?’ video to run through the basics.

And guess what? Doom Eternal is everything you would ever expect it to be. It’s time to embody the Doom Slayer and head out onto a demon-ravaged planet Earth, attempting to put this particular devil back in its box, preferably by ripping off its horn and shoving it into its own brain.

I don’t think we’d be alone in being mighty suspect of that fighting game-esque multiplayer mode though. Ordinarily we’d trust id Software to hell and back but is there really any need to force two thirds of players to be demons rather than the Doom Slayer? What’s wrong with good old-fashioned TDM rules and weapon pick-ups? We’d love to be surprised on this front but, for now at least, we’re all about that single-player campaign.

There’s not long to go now either. Doom Eternal comes to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Google Stadia (maybe?) on March 20th. 

Near enough one month to go then, and you’d have to think the PC system specs for Doom Eternal can’t be too far off. Id Software created some technical wizardry with Doom (2016) so more of the same would suit us down to the ground.