The keyboard… the silent protagonist in every gamer’s adventure… the quiet mentor, guiding you from the shadows… the guitar to the guitarist, the paintbrush to the painter, the keyboard encompasses the ancient art of typing things on screen and moving your character.

But where can I get a keyboard? Aside from the obvious answer (Amazon, duh), keyboards have become an elusive market. With hundreds of foreign markets fighting for global, ecommerce dominance you can literally find the exact same keyboard for wildly varying prices across the whole internet. But here we’ve handily compiled all the best ones into one easy list.

Welcome… to The Best PC Gaming Keyboards You Can Buy Today (on Amazon)


Honourable Mentions:

Before we get started I have a few honourable mentions to talk about. Along my travels across the vast webscape, in search of only the finest of keyboards, I stumbled across some truly, and I really mean truly, special hardware.

First up we have the world's most expensive keyboard:


Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HG JAPAN

At the time of writing this, the keyboard is discontinued. What a shame that is. So there is no current price tag on it, but in my research I found an old price for it. Ready? Are you sure? It's a ludicrous price for a keyboard... Okay fine. It retailed for around 525,000 Yen or $4,400. *gulp*

Not a lot of people know exactly why it's so expensive, but what we do know is that each key is made by hand using a special lacquer and is specifically made-to-order.


Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

I'm sure most of us were expecting something like this in here. The pure gold keyboard is, yes indeed, actually pure gold. But only the keys, and only the coating of said keys. So it's not entirely pure gold, nor is it pure gold all the way through. It's like coating a chocolate bar in liquid gold and calling it a 'pure gold chocolate bar'; you're not entirely wrong, but you are kinda wrong.

Anyway this bad boy goes for $315-$360. A lot cheaper than you were probably thinking at the start! But more expensive now after I revealed the truth behind the curtain. It's sold out anyway, but to be honest it probably wasn't worth it.


Professional II DataHand

Now this is what I call a keyboard. It barely has any keys, and isn't even a board, hence the name 'DataHand', isn't that cool? Imagine a future where everyone uses DataHands instead of a mouse & keyboard, how awesome does that sound? I feel like I'm in the future already... Hello? The year 2129? I'll be there as soon as I can! Oh wait- I'm already here!

In all seriousness, this design is pretty ingenious. The idea is to use the minimal amount of movement necessary to type. No more Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, no more Repetitive Strain Injury, no more sulking over stupid keyboards and their so-last-century design. This is the FUTURE, this is NOW.

Also the DataHand is no longer available...


Best money-no-object keyboard:

Okay now let's get to the good stuff...

So you’ve got the money, you ain’t strapped for cash, the dough’s not a problem, you get me? When money’s no object to you it’s easy to get washed away in the currents of most expensive keyboards, but you’re looking for the best aren’t you? Not just the most expensive. And with that I present to you:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT

There’s honestly no better gaming keyboard out there than the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT. Sure, it’s expensive, probably too expensive for a keyboard, but money’s not a problem here; Come on, we just established that like 3 sentences go, keep up!

Anyway back to the matter at hand: you’ll find it difficult to find a keyboard better than this on the market, seriously. With a full RGB lighting setup that is individual to each key, you can create some really awesome lighting FX. It’s quite possibly the most beautiful RGB lighting on any keyboard out there that I’ve ever seen. 

And with programmable macros and lightning-fast response time on key presses it’s no wonder this is a must-have for many gamers (plus it’s like, the number 1 keyboard for streamers, so that’s saying something I guess?).

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Best mechanical keyboard

Ah… a gamer after my own heart. Mechanical keyboards are the true epic gamer’s companion, the pick of the crop, the creme de la creme so to speak. If you love your mechanical keyboard styles (and honestly why wouldn’t you?) then we’ve got the best choice for you.

Razer Huntsman Elite

This was a difficult one to choose because we had two options to pick from. But in the end I went with the Razer Huntsman keyboard as it has a super fast response time and can potentially be bought for much cheaper if you don’t opt for the Elite version.

Both versions of the keyboard are essentially the same though, but with the Elite you get dedicated dials for volume control and a magnetic wrist rest. But these days the Elite version is much more expensive than the normal version, so it’s up to you how much you want to spend. In my eyes though, the Razer Huntsman is the best mechanical gaming keyboard on the market.

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Best low-profile (quietest) keyboard

Really like gaming in the office but don’t want to make it obvious you’re fighting demons on mars rather than writing a document for a demon from mars? That might be the worst joke I’ve ever made, but at least I’m not wrong! If you want a silent keyboard to prevent your coworkers from suspecting your unhealthy gaming habits in the office then you should probably get your hands on a low-profile keyboard.

Razer BlackWidow

The Razer BlackWidow Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is one helluva silent keyboard: essentially noiseless, typing will make sure you can keep gaming in the office and no one will be the wiser of your nefarious deeds.

Or, you know, if you like gaming past the hours of midnight when every one of your flatmates has gone to bed already and you don’t want to wake them up with endless click-clacking. Probably a better analogy than the one I had earlier… Oh well!

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Best value-for-money keyboard

I don’t even have to tell you why you need a budget keyboard. The idea behind needing a cheap keyboard answers the question immediately. And hell, there’s cheap keyboards everywhere that do the trick. Stock keyboards, basic keyboards etc. But that’s not why you’re here at all is it? You want a gaming keyboard on a budget, not just some hunk of plastic that will get the job done.

HyperX Alloy FPS

Behold the HyperX Alloy FPS, the cheapest gaming keyboard out there. Sure you could find something cheaper, but at this level of quality? I don’t think so. It has basic versions of almost all the features of a high-end keyboard, so it really is the best gaming keyboard when you’re on a budget.

There is an RGB version, but it’s way more expensive. And when you’re on a budget who needs rainbow-changing colours? You just need the one colour if you ask me. It’s the purely functional, purely practical, budget keyboard that’s perfect for gaming.

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Best wireless keyboard

I won’t judge you here. This is a safe space for all kinds of individuals: even those who are wrong, like you.

But I digress, if you’re looking for a wireless keyboard (you monster) then your best choice is...

Corsair K57 RGB wireless

The Corsair K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard. It truly is one of the best wireless gaming keyboards, and best of all it comes with three connectivity options: bluetooth, wireless USB and even wired USB for when you finally realise your mistake in wanting a wireless keyboard.

And it comes with nearly all the features you’d expect from a gaming keyboard with almost no compromises: full RGB lighting, programmable macros, multimedia buttons and many more. The only problem is it’s wireless, but again: safe space, no judging anybody here even if they’re wrong, and I’m not saying you are wrong, but this one comes with a wired connection in case you need it (which you will).

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