It appears as if there has been some unrest in the Kerbal camp; as development of Kerbal Space Program 2, the game about galactic kerbal genocide (oh, and building rockets and such), has been wrenched away from Star Theory and given to a brand new internal studio at Private Division. It’s worth keeping in mind that Private Division absolutely isn’t the indie publishing label they would have you believe, it’s simply a subsidiary of the mighty Take-Take Interactive which is focused on funding and publishing games from small and mid-sized studios.

As it happens, Private Division now has a third pillar - buying up valuable IPs, dispatching of its current developer, and handing it to an internal studio. Indie indeed.

It doesn’t seem like development is stopping or slowing down though, as there’s no word on any delays thanks to the transition of studios. Granted there wasn’t a fixed release date in the first place apart from the elusive ‘2020’ release window, but Private Division wants to urge fans that the transition is for the better:

Since we acquired Kerbal Space Program in 2017, we have consistently produced high-quality content for our community, which in turn has resulted in strong growth, both in terms of new players engaging with the franchise, and our ambitions to take it to the next level,” said the head of Private Division, Michael Worosz. “The opening of this new studio, whose purpose is dedicated solely to the ongoing development of KSP, is a reinforcement of our promise to bring the best experiences to our fans and players for Kerbal Space Program 2 and beyond.

"When we first acquired Kerbal Space Program, we knew it would continue to be a blockbuster franchise," reads a separate statement from Private Division. "We're very excited about the launch of Kerbal Space Program 2 in Take-Two's fiscal year 2021. Private Division believes strongly in the talented group of developers behind the game. The decision to open our own studio and move development in-house allows us to provide the development team with the necessary time and resources to complete development of KSP 2 at the quality level we all want to deliver our players. Our goal - and the goal of our developers - is to provide our community with the highest level gaming experience with Kerbal Space Program 2."

The new studio currently has no name, but it is being helmed by Jeremy Ables along with Nate Simpson as Creative Director and Nate Robinson as Lead Producer. Those three leads were part of Star Theory before and worked on KSP2 since the beginning, but there’s no word yet from Private Division as to the status of the original developer since their big 3 have moved.

Are you still excited for Kerbal Space Program 2? What do you think this means for Star Theory? We have our thoughts, but what are yours?