It obviously can’t have escaped your notice that today it’s National Sticky Bun Day. I mean, who could forget this iconic day in the culinary calendar? Not I, for I am a true lover of mediocre pastry snacks. 

Right now, you’re probably wondering what on earth sticky buns have to do with videogames. The answer, in truth, is not a whole lot. But bear with me. 

Sticky buns, you see, were a speciality dish brought over to the States in the 18th century by German immigrants. The humble sticky bun became a staple of the diet in Pennsylvania, a state where sticky buns are no doubt chowed down with great heart and gusto to this very day.  They are the evergreen treat; the sugary delight which never gets old... a bit like Twinkies.

So what, then, is your sticky bun game? The game you can’t possibly take your fingers off, no matter how many years you’ve been playing? 

I’ll get the bun rolling with a personal favourite of mine - Rainbow Six: Siege. It’s been over four years now since I first got gunned down repeatedly in the beta, and still I keep coming back for more. To my mind, Siege is one of the ultimate examples of adapting and growing a game well beyond its initial scope. Ubisoft has sculpted and shaped it, adding new content, ironing out the wrinkles, and proving ever more ambitious. It still does that annoying thing where my drone doesn’t spot the bomb four years on, but everything else has been given a loving touch, even lonely old Lord Chanka.

That’s mine, so it’s over you. What is the one game which you’ve been playing for the longest time? Do you have a game which you never get bored of? Let us know what it is below!

P.S. Oh and because it's national sticky bun day, we're giving you a treat to celebrate this of buns made sticky, courtesy of the Anna Olson herself:

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