Kerbal Space Program 2 gets an update with a new Dev video

Written by Chad Norton on Sun, Feb 23, 2020 2:30 PM
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Kerbal Space Program 2 had a bit of a wobble the other day when development was handed over to a new, internal studio. It was a scary time for the kerbals, and it seemed like everyone was a little worried too regarding the development of the game. Thankfully, however, we have just received a new video from Private Division on the official Kerbal Space Program channel, detailing new features in the next instalment of the game.

The video is currently titled ‘episode 1’ and the description reads: “This video is the first in a series of feature videos that will deep dive on the key new features of KSP 2 and the development process behind them,” so we’ll hopefully be learning more about what new mechanics and features the game will have up to the game's release. This one particularly being about potential technologies used in the future for interstellar transportation.

First of all I would just like to ask who on earth put this video together? Because it starts out feeling like some Netflix Documentary about NASA, but then slowly turns into a more horrifying video as the music stays sombre but the developers casually talk about Kerbal genocide: “It’s a fun thing to do, and sometimes I build stuff just to watch it blow up,” okay, Aaron, I think you have some unresolved issues to sort out…

Aside from that, the video gives us a good look at some of the new things coming to our little Kerbal galaxy including the new forms of interstellar transportation. First of all we have nuclear propulsion, which is highly dangerous but it’s okay because Kerbals don’t care about safety in the slightest. Then there’s Metallic Hydrogen which will become available to players later in the game as a better fuel source for transporting ships around the solar system. And finally we have Torchships, much larger ships that will only be available in the late game.

We’ll keep you up to date on all the latest news regarding Kerbal Space Program 2 as the development transitions to a new studio. For now we can only sit and wait for a new video to appear, or an announcement regarding the game’s release date comes out. Either way, let’s try and keep the mass genocide-talk to a minimum okay, Aaron?

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