L.A. Noire VR for PC gets new update plus exclusive console content

Written by Chad Norton on Sun, Mar 8, 2020 12:00 PM
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VR is big right now and will only get bigger. We’ve had a couple of PC games that have made their way into a VR version, but one that was quite surprising and yet quite enjoyable still is L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. Back when it was released on PSVR in September, there was some exclusive console content. Now, with a new update, that content has made its way over to PC.

If you don’t remember what that exclusive content was let me give you a quick breakdown: it was 3 minigame modes that weren’t seen in the base game but showed off some specific aspects of the game’s mechanics; a boxing game for combat, a speedcar game for driving, and a shooting range for, well, shooting.

The boxing game lets you duke it out against various enemies in a boxing match (pretty self explanatory if you ask me). The driving game lets you zoom around some circuits in a small speedcar. And the shooting range gives you the opportunity to exact your revenge on the terrible, evil cardboard cutout cult (it’s not a real cult, I just have a particular past trauma around cardboard… I will never forget you, evil cardboard Ben Affleck…)

The update also brings some improvements to the game, though what they are is anyone’s guess. The major improvement here is added support for the Valve Index, Vive Pro, Vive Pro Eye, Vice Cosmos and Oculus Rift S VR hardware.

Rockstar has stated that they’re not done with VR, so hopefully we’ll see some more ports of their games in the future. Back when the Oculus Rift development kits were out I tried my hand at modding GTA V with VR support. Needless to say it was really fun until I went flying through my windshield after crashing my car, permanently scarring my brain for life (I have now developed a slight twitch in my right eye and shoulder anytime I crash a car in a video game).

Are you excited to try out the new L.A. Noire VR minigames? What game would you like to see Rockstar bring to VR? Let us know!

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08:42 Mar-09-2020

Again, a regular PC version would very much be appreciated.

14:38 Mar-08-2020

GTA V in VR if made by Rockstar and prostitutes here i come!

14:26 Mar-08-2020

I would love if they made 60 FPS support for the PC version.If that's possible

17:16 Mar-08-2020

The reason I never bought it

23:57 Mar-08-2020

but u still played it xD


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