MSI extends their warranty due to Coronavirus

Written by Stuart Thomas on Fri, Mar 13, 2020 4:00 PM

MSI, the popular PC hardware seller, has recently unveiled their plans to extend the warranty of certain products due to the coronavirus. The warranty extension comes after fears that going out in public areas increases risk of infection, and therefore MSI customers will be less reluctant to return/send back their products by dropping them off at a shipping center.

MSI remains committed to our mission of putting our customers first. In light of the health concerns surrounding coronavirus across the globe, we want to ensure that our valued customers don’t have to worry about anything other than their health and safety.

So MSI has decided to increase their warranty policy by an extra 2 months, but only on certain products. The truth is that this doesn’t apply to graphics cards unfortunately, but will apply to: Desktop PC’s, Motherboards, All-in-one computers, PC cabinets & cases, and Monitors. You also have to be enrolled into the MSI Rewards Program in order to qualify.

Obviously your warranty can’t be out of date either, the latest warranty period that this extension applies to ends in March 2020, so as long as your warranty doesn’t end before then, you should qualify for the extension. The warranty also only applies to the countries most affected by the virus: South Korea, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, Hong Kong, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Australia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, Belgium and Canada.

It will be interesting if other companies decide to follow in MSI’s footsteps, whilst it is only a 2 month extension it at least goes to show how some companies are trying to increase the quality of their customer support services in wake of the coronavirus outbreak that has caused disruptions globally.

What do you think of the extension? Is it fair? Should other companies do the same? Let us know!

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20:51 Mar-15-2020

Warranty applies to the countries most affected??? As a Canadian I can tell you, we shouldn't be on that list. We've had all of maybe 300 cases and a single death. Several of those countries listed have even fewer cases than we do. FFS, people need to quit losing their fu@$ing minds over this ****.

10:59 Mar-15-2020

So will the warranty will be extended even tho I bought my gpu a few months ago? :P

16:33 Mar-13-2020

Good on MSI for their consideration. Also this human malware needs to end now.


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