Call of Duty Warzone PC low vs ultra graphics comparison

Written by Chad Norton on Sun, Apr 5, 2020 11:00 AM
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Every year Call of Duty released a new version of its first person shooter, and when it did, its game sales stomped over almost every other game that year. But it wouldnt have take a number magician (is that an accountant?) to see their sales decline recently, as their market share dropped, largely due to games being "given away for free" (the term free is questionable here), like Fortnite. And so, as we all expected, the Goliath has grabbed its bazooka and joined the Battle Royale. Leetsss get ready to ruuuuuumble!

Warzone is the free to play version of Call of Duty (a quick side note, start downloading it now if you havent got it already. Its 80+GBs in storage size). In this article we will be taking a look at the comparison between Low versus Ultra graphics settings in Warzone and how they look oon your PC. You can then pop over to our COD Warzone benchmark article, to see some graphics cards running the game, which will help determine what type of FPS you might get on your hardware. Then you can decide how well your graphics card can run COD Warzone and which are your best video settings from Low to Ultra. We will also sort out a graphics options article for Warzone shortly, so watch out for that.

What exactly are the differences between Low and Ultra graphics in Warzone? Take a look below to see the PC Low vs Ultra graphics comparison screenshots of Warzone.

[Move your mouse over the following screenshots for comparisons. Click to Enlarge]

The low to ultra setting difference is a little subtle in that first screen slider above. Click on the image above (or any of the slider images in this page) to load it in a bigger, separate window. This will let you see the visual low to ultra differences with greater detail.


Warzone's texture resolutions look much better in Ultra settings. The above screenshot shows this clearly, just take a look at the wall to the right of the shot, where you will see a higher resolution of texture. 

And then in the screenshot above you can see the Texture Filter Anisotropic working between the Low Versus Ultra. This helps show greater surface texture quality when we view the surfaces at an angle. This final screenshot is where we are lying down looking along the floor in Warzone.

So you can see from these comparison slider screenshots that there is quite a difference between the Low settings and Ultra settings in Warzone. We will take a deeper look into the impacts of different graphics settings in a most important graphics settings in Warzone article soon, so keep your eyes out for that.  

If you would like to see how well the game performs using various graphics cards on the different graphical settings, then check out our Call of Duty Warzone PC Performance Report article. Not sure what each setting is used for? Have a look at our Call of Duty Warzone Graphics Settings article. We hope these have helped you figure out how well your PC will perform when running CoD Warzone. Stay frosty, folks.

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