Death Stranding: Porter is a VR Tech Demo made inside Unity. A user by the name of KingCeryn uploaded a video to Youtube, where he showed off his recreation of Death Stranding in Virtual Reality. Amazingly, this was all done in just a month and includes various quests, full-body motion capture and an entire map with enemies and biomes.

It may not be an official Death Stranding game in VR, but it’s pretty impressive to see this guy’s version of it, especially the amount of passion and dedication that has clearly gone into it. This is currently only after a month of work in Unity and Blender, so it’s still pretty rough around the edges, but the core features are there. Check out the video below:

As I mentioned, the tech demo actually features 3 full quest lines, with 3 NPCs and about 30 minutes of dialogue and motion capture. There’s a total of 3 endings to the game: Good, Bad, and Neutral, that each have 2 minutes of cutscenes with full face and body motion capture. So it’s a pretty decent demo if you ask me.

This is also only a small chunk of the tutorial, as the creator claims there is a full map, enemies, biomes, weather, bosses, mission chains and vehicles.

The demo, unfortunately, is not intended for a commercial release, and KingCeryn wrote online stating that he “started making something as a test, and it snowballed into a decent-enough vertical slice.” So don’t expect the demo to be released anytime soon or even at all.

That said, following on from that KingCeryn noted that this was all made as practice for his own original IP that he is creating. So whatever it is, I hope the same ambition and passion carries over, as this is very exciting to see, to say the least (even if walking for hours over mountains and carrying various packages might be boring in VR).

What do you guys think? Do you want to play this tech demo? Would Death Stranding even work in VR? Let us know!