Terraria: Journey's End is the final major update and arrives next month

Written by Chad Norton on Tue, Apr 14, 2020 10:08 AM
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The highly addictive sandbox game, Terraria, will be getting it’s final major update next month. What started out as essentially a 2D version of Minecraft has grown into something so much more, the new update will see brand new items, events and a whole load of improvements. Journey’s End will be Terraria’s final major update, hence the name, that was announced at last year’s E3 and now we finally have an official release after eagerly awaiting so long.

Terraria: Journey’s End will launch on May 16th and will be a free update to all owners of the game. If you played it a long time ago and decided to take a break, it’s practically a whole new game now, even before the upcoming update, but if you want a quick refresher on how the game will look in a month’s time, check out the original teaser trailer below.

Was that?... Yes indeed my friends, golf is coming to Terraria. Quite possibly the most anticipated part of the new update is the introduction of the world’s greatest sport. Had a tough day of exploring vast cave networks and nearly dying? Take a break with a relaxing round of 18-hole golf in your very own back garden.

Okay, in all seriousness though, there’s a tonne of stuff coming to Terraria in Journey’s end, quite a lot of stuff in fact, a total of 800 new items to be specific. There will also be new enemies to defeat and challenges to experience, most of which haven’t been revealed yet, but there is a new difficulty mode for those masochists among you, intended to be a “true gauntlet for the best of the best.

There’s also new biomes, new mini-biomes, new weather effects and a revamp of the current world generation. Plus, there’s a new bestiary coming that allows you to see certain stats of enemies you kill: as you defeat more and more enemies, you can learn more key info about them, defeat enough and you’ll even be able to see what kind of loot they drop!

There’s a lot more stuff planned for the update, but as is usual with Re-Logic, they’ve kept quite hush about most of the changes and additions. We won’t know everything that’s being added until Terraria: Journey’s End arrives on May 16th, but until then we might get some sneak peeks at what’s to come.

Are you excited for the new update? When was the last time you played Terraria? Will you be jumping back in after the update launches? Let us know!

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admin approved badge
22:35 Apr-14-2020

The last update? This is a sad time.

22:09 Apr-14-2020

can't wait for it &#603

admin approved badge
18:41 Apr-14-2020

i still cant beat the game, got stuck on mechanical bosses again, me and my friends tryed it for the 4th time from beggining and we always get stuck here, we tryed to use editor giving ourself the best gear but then we get stuck at moon lord and we cant win


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