XCOM has been one of those series that has spawned countless takes on the genre. Much like the Dark Souls games that spawned an all new genre type, the Soulslike, XCOM has similarly made its mark as it’s own genre. The excellent reboot of the franchise is now getting a new title added to the mix, but it’s not another mainline title in the series…

XCOM: Chimera Squad is a standalone title set 5 years after the main events in XCOM 2. It tackles a brand new storyline and is neither a sequel nor an expansion, and will release April 24th on Steam, and May 1st in retail. The official reveal trailer has a very interesting art style, but the game itself will feature the typical XCOM experience. Check it out below:

Welcome to City 31, the beacon city of a new life on Earth - one where humans, aliens and hybrids now coexist under a post-war period of fragile peace. Dangerous conspiracy groups threaten to upend that peace, however, and Chimera Squad has been mobilized to investigate and put an end to those threats.

Combat in XCOM: Chimera Squad has been completely revamped, this is an entirely standalone experience after all and features some very interesting changes to the combat. You will have control over specific agents, each with their own personality, abilities and character traits. Team up certain agents to combo attacks, and position your teams at certain entry points and ambush your enemies with the new Breach Mode.

The classic, turn-based combat of the previous XCOM games has been updated to a new ‘Interleaved Turns’ system, which automatically assigns ever character (enemy and friendly) into an alternating turn order, which creates new possibilities for strategies, but can also leave units vulnerable depending on when they are queued.

Since it is a standalone experience and not a full game, the price has been aimed to reflect that. Whilst the retail copy will go for around $19.99 (£16.99), the Steam digital copy will go on sale for $9.99 (£8.50) for the first few days of launch, ending the promotion on May 1st. 

What do you think of XCOM: Chimera Squad? Will you be picking up the standalone title? What do you think of the new changes? Let us know your thoughts!