This mod turns Resident Evil 3 Remake into a Dino Crisis Remake

Written by Stuart Thomas on Mon, Apr 20, 2020 1:30 PM
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After the Resident Evil 3 Remake was released, it was clear that Capcom has done a pretty great job at remaking some old classics and bringing them to modern hardware/consoles. But Capcom didn’t want to stop there, even sending out a user survey to players asking if they’d like to see more Resident Evil Remakes, before eventual rumors of a Resident Evil 4 Remake in development.

However, Resident Evil isn’t the only Capcom game that should be remade. Dino Crisis is one of their more beloved classics, which took the Resident Evil formula and mashed it together with Jurassic Park. But whilst we’ve seen the Resident Evil games evolve over the years, we haven’t seen a single Dino Crisis game (that’s worth playing I might add) for 20 years!

Fear not though, for those of you who voted for Dino Crisis in our recent Up For Debate on Capcom remakes, you can now download this mod for the Resident Evil 3 Remake to turn all your zombies into rampaging dinosaurs. It even changes Jill's character costume into Regina from the first game! Check out the video below:

So… It’s a little bit glitchy, but the mod is still very early in development. Dinos will often clip through walls, bug out against objects, and look like they’ve just come out of the sauna with glistening glossy skin. Some of these issues are being worked on, like dinosaurs getting stuck in doors/rooms because they don’t have some animations needed.

So if you were looking to scratch that Dino Crisis itch, this may be the best mod for you until Capcom comes out and officially announces a Dino Crisis Remake, they have to right? Right guys? Please…

What do you think of the mod? Will you be downloading it? What more would you like to see added? What other mods for RE3 Remake have you seen/downloaded? Let us know!

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14:47 Apr-20-2020

I dub this MOD glitchmania.


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