So last week it was reported that GTA 6 is supposedly in early development, and would actually feature a smaller-scale game with continuous post-launch updates as a response to tackling development crunch on Rockstar employees. However, new information has come to light on behalf of a credible source, suggesting that GTA VI is actually well past early development and actually started production way back in 2014.

The new information comes from Chris Liberty, a well-known internet personality who has often leaked information early ahead of time, including many popular updates for GTA Online. He also has many contacts in the gaming industry including extensive connections to Rockstar and it’s employees.

He revealed the new information on a livestream yesterday, but the video has since been deleted, however several details have still made it online including the information that apparently GTA 6 will include a very large map at launch. This becomes doubly interesting when last week’s info was that the game would be on a much smaller scale at launch and would be continually updated after release.

If indeed GTA 6 will include a much larger map, those rumors of a potential connection between San Andreas, Liberty City and Vice City doesn’t seem too far fetched at all. Though, again, these are all still rumors and nothing has been confirmed as of yet by any official Rockstar representative.

Since development apparently began back in 2014, the final game is close to being finished, but will still be quite a while away from actually being released. But knowing Rockstar, all these conflicting rumors that are stirring buzz for Grand Theft Auto 6 could be potentially seen as hype prior to an official announcement. Though, this is still quite unlikely.

What do you guys think? Is GTA 6 close to being finished? When will we hear some official news? And how demanding do you think the game will be? Let us know!