The Battlefield series has had some rocky reception recently, Battlefield V was received with mixed results, with some enjoying the latest addition to the first person shooter series, whilst others panned it for being historically inaccurate and bland. Though however you perceive Battlefield V’s gameplay, the developers will no longer be working on development for the game after a final update in June this year.

In a post on EA’s official website, Ryan McArthur, Senior Producer at DICE, revealed some details about “the future of Battlefield V” including what’s to come in the next few months regarding multiplayer. The current chapter, Chapter 6: Into the Jungle, will seemingly be the final chapter of the game and finishes on April 29th. Following on from that, new updates and content will be added in June, after which it looks like development will no longer continue.

As we look to the future, we will release one more standalone update this summer that brings with it some new content, weapons, and game tweaks. We are targeting June for this update. We’re still tackling the challenges from working from home and will let you know how things progress for us over the next month.

So fans who were hoping for Chapter 7 may be disappointed, but some of the extra content coming sounds interesting at least. Following on from the update in Summer, players will receive Battlefield Currency or Company Coin as weekly rewards, this will allow players to unlock gear that they may have missed.

Additionally, there will be numerous multiplayer events being held, including the reintroduction of “#FridayNightBattlefield” servers as well as Throwback Thursdays, which seem to be a way of connecting players across multiple Battlefield games. Plus Community Game Updates will continue for those who are interested in community created content.

With everybody staying at home, it seems like cheaters and hackers in multiplayer games are on the rise, so in addition to everything mentioned above, there will also be continued work on Anti-cheat for Battlefield 5.

For now, it seems like Battlefield V will no longer continue with anymore chapters following the June update this Summer. Whether that means less work and focus are being put into the Battlefield series, or development is shifting towards a sixth installment, Battlefield 6, is unclear.

What do you think? How often do you play Battlefield V? Were you hoping for a Chapter 7? What do you think of the new content? Let us know!