It’s been almost a week since that fateful night that the DOOM Eternal soundtrack was finally released, and then the sudden realization with confirmation from Mick Gordon that Eternal’s soundtrack was barely mixed by the legendary composer himself, and that he probably won’t be returning for another installment in the DOOM franchise.

But it looks like things might be brightening up again, as Gordon revealed via an email that he is indeed working on a proper mix of the entire soundtrack, dubbed ‘The Mick Gordon Cut’ by many online. However it does seem that this might be a less than legitimate task, as Gordon said it will be released “sometime”, indicating that he might be doing this in his own free time, rather than by an actual contract with Bethesda.

Before you ask, yes it's very blurry and not of high quality, but the user who uploaded it to Reddit has confirmed with other users on the platform the legitimacy of the image. Understandably the user didn't want to share his own private email on a public post, but we can assure you that the screenshot seen is real and legitimate.

For those that don’t know, the controversy started when DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack was officially released to the public and complaints flooded in about the poor mixing. The composer, Gordon, then stepped in to clarify that he did not work on the mixing of all the songs, in fact he only helped on a handful of tracks compared to the 59 in total on the album. He then went on to exclaim “doubt we’ll work together again” after a fan asked him if he’d return for the next DOOM entry.

So whilst it’s not confirmation that Mick Gordon will be returning to the DOOM series and working alongside id Software and Bethesda again, it’s still nice to see that he will be clearing up the mess of the soundtrack and giving it the proper treatment it deserves. Somehow #ReleaseTheGordonCut has actually worked, and we’re more than happy it did.

Are you excited Mick Gordon will be fixing the soundtrack? Have you listened to it? What did you think? And will Gordon return for the next DOOM game? Let us know your thoughts!