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Written by Chad Norton on Tue, Apr 28, 2020 5:03 PM
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Gears Tactics has finally released today, and with it comes a whole new assortment of video and graphics settings to tinker with. Sometimes we get a game that has barely anything to customize, but recently we've been getting a lot of games that give you loads of options to choose from, fortunately Gears Tactics sits firmly in the latter category.

There are loads of options and settings available in-game, with a great degree of customization too. How exactly does each one affect graphical fidelity and performance? We'll find all of that out when we release our Gears Tactics Most Important Graphics Options article. But first, let's dig into the graphics settings available in Gears Tactics...

Gears Tactics General Video Settings

  • Performance Presets - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Display Mode - Full Screen/Windowed
  • Resolution Scale
  • Vertical Sync - Off/On
  • Minimum Frame Rate - 30/60/90/None
  • Maximum Frame Rate - 30/60/90/120/144/Unlimited
  • Cinematic Frame Rate - 30/Unlimited
  • Cinematic Scaling Mode - Fill/Letterbox
  • Show Stats - None/FPS/All
  • Brightness

Gears Tactics Texture Video Settings

  • Character Texture Detail - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • World Texture Detail - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Effects Texture Detail - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Texture Streaming - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Texture Filtering - Bilinear/2x Anisotropic/4x Anisotropic/8x Anisotropic/16x Anisotropic
  • Shading Quality - Performance/Balanced/Best
  • Cone Step Mapping - Off/On
  • Sharpening - 0.0 > 2.0

Gears Tactics Environment Video Settings

  • Volumetric Fog - Off/On
  • Planar Reflections - Off/On
  • Glossy Reflections - Off/On
  • Screen Space Reflections - Off/Medium/High/Ultra
  • World Detail - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Contact Shadows - Cinematics and Gameplay/Cinematics Only/Off
  • Shadow Resolution - 512 x 512/1024 x 1024/2048 x 2048/4096 x 4096
  • Dynamic Shadows - Off/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Particle Spawn Rate - 0.1 > 1.0
  • Dynamic Object Lifetime - 0.0 > 1.0

Gears Tactics Post Process Video Settings

  • Sub Surface Scattering - Off/On
  • Depth of Field - Cinematics and Gameplay/Cinematics Only/Off
  • Motion Blur - Cinematics and Gameplay/Cinematics Only/Off
  • Anti-Aliasing - Performance/Balanced/Best
  • Bloom Style - Standard/Anamorphic
  • Bloom - Off/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Lens Flare Intensity - Off/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Ambient Occlusion - Off/Medium/High/Ultra

Gears Tactics Advanced Video Settings

  • GPU
  • Mesh Complexity - Performance/Balanced/Best
  • Variable Rate Shading - Off/On/Performance
  • Tiled Resources - Off/On
  • Async Compute - Off/On
  • Diagnostic Mode - Off/On


So Gears Tactics has a pretty hefty amount of graphics settings to tweak to your heart's content, so hopefully now you have some idea of what kind of graphical fidelity you're looking for. Luckily for us the game also has it's own built-in benchmark tool (yay!) so we can check how well our systems can run the game at each preset.

It's also nice to see such personalization such as choosing certain effects for cinematics and gameplay, or Cinematics only (as well as off completely). So if you don't like Depth of Field during gameplay, but you like the cinematic effect it brings during cutscenes, then luckily you have that option to choose from. There's lots of room to go in-depth here on each graphical setting, and we'll go through those in another article.

Let us know if you've jumped into the game and found anything interesting regarding the graphics settings! Otherwise, what do you think of the game so far? Do you like games with lots of graphical options to choose from? Let us know!

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