Are you an RPG fan? A shooter fan? A strategy fan? Whatever you are a fan of, there’s already been a good selection of genres to choose from this year. Whether that's traversing the animated universe of DBZ in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, or shooting some demons from hell in DOOM Eternal, or surviving the zombie horde in the Resident Evil 3 Remake, we want to know which game is your favorite of 2020 so far!

We’re nearly halfway through the year, and 2020 has seen some pretty incredible games come out already. Is this a good year for gaming? Have we seen some real gems come out already? Or has this not been a good year so far for PC gaming? Let’s debate!

The full list is down below so vote for your favorite one and we’ll see which one will be crowned the audience’s favorite of 2020! Maybe you finally got to stream a game using a service like Nvidia’s GeForce Now which put a game in a brand new light for you. Or maybe you just downloaded it through one of the many PC games pass subscriptions to choose from. Or maybe you just saved up for one title in particular.

We’re not making the rules here, it’s all personal opinions of which game has been your favorite of 2020 so far, so feel free to judge that based on whatever way you want! Like which one did you log the most hours in? Which one did you have more of a reaction to? Maybe your favorite game has special meaning because it opened you up to a whole new genre, or culture, or fan fiction? Whatever it is, let us know!

Now as much as I would like to include some console games, we are strictly talking about PC games here (sorry fans of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Animal Crossing: New Horizons!). Plus only full games are allowed, that means no Early Access or Betas I’m afraid, these are full games that have been released up until now since the start of the year.

If I’ve missed any here for some reason then why not vote for it in the comments below? There’s been a lot of indie games out already so maybe one of them has been your personal favorite! Either way, we still want to hear it (or maybe we’ll do this again soon, specifically for some indie games that you mention in the comments).

So which game has been your favorite of 2020 so far? Vote in the poll below!

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