SnowRunner has trudged through the mud and snow to finally get to us, the new sequel to the physics-based hits such as Spintires and MudRunner looks to be a pretty good looking game, but how much can you customize the graphics? what graphics options are available? We take a look at the PC graphics settings available in SnowRunner.

First of all, there aren't a huge amount of options available compared to recent games, but there's still quite a lot to play with and customize here, like being able to change the camera FOV for third-person and first-person, turning on or off the legacy camera controls, or even adjusting the actually quality of the physics simulation.

So with all that in mind, let's take a deeper dive into SnowRunner's PC video settings...


SnowRunner Video Settings

  • Display Mode - Windowed/Borderless/Fullscreen
  • Resolution
  • Target Display
  • Vertical Sync (V-SYNC) - Off/On
  • Antialiasing - Off/TAA/MSAA x2/MSAA x 4/MSAA x8
  • FXAA - Off/On
  • Sharpening - Off/FidelityFX
  • Film Grain - Off/On
  • First-Person Camera FOV - 80 > 130
  • Third-Person Camera FOV - 80 > 130
  • Legacy Camera - Off/On
  • Visual Quality Preset - Custom/Low/Medium/High/Ultra

SnowRunner Advanced Video Settings

  • Terrain Draw Distance - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Grass Density - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Object Quality - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Simulation Quality - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Shadow Quality - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Texture Quality - Low/Medium/High/Ultra
  • Texture Filtering - Off/2X/4X/8X/16X
  • Ambient Occlusion - Off/On
  • Water Quality - Low/High
  • Volume Fog - Off/On
  • Lightshafts - Off/On
  • Mirrors - Off/On


There are a few interesting pieces to note here, like how when adjusting the visual quality preset - which affects all the advanced video settings above - the Simulation Quality setting never drops below High quality. Obviously SnowRunner is a very physics-based game and the developers clearly want you to have the best experience possible without compromising on the simulation physics (but you can turn the option down lower manually if you want to). Additionally, whilst other options may turn off on the Low quality preset, Ambient Occlusion always remains on, and must also be manually turned off if you so want to.

Apart from that though, SnowRunner seems to have very standard graphics settings, but can also allow for high customization for certain rigs. Lower-end systems will have a lot of options for adjusting to their hardware, whilst higher-end rigs will do well to utilize the best options available.

What do you think of SnowRunner's PC graphics settings? What have you noticed about them in-game? And let us know if you spot anything interesting whilst playing!