It’s been another few months which means another season for Apex Legends that brings new items, features and the brand new legend, Loba. Season 5: Fortune’s Favor kicks off on May 12th and you can check out the official launch trailer below.

Fortune’s Favor will feature a brand new game mode, Quests, that will have players hunting for treasure and answers each season. All Quest competitors who complete their mission will be rewarded richly. In addition, players can also expect the season split once again with Ranked Leagues Series 4 kicking off in Kings Canyon before the return to World’s Edge in June.

If you remember from the last Season’s launch trailer, the ruthless assassin Revenant murdered the parents of a young girl, that girl it turns out is this season’s new legend, Loba, the Outlands’ most infamous thief. Her introduction seems to also bring a major map change to Kings Canyon as her quest for finally stopping Revenant will “set off a chain of events drastically changing the map as competitors know it.

Her abilities haven't been fully revealed yet, but you can get a taste of what kind of skills she'll have to offer in the trailer above. Looks like she'll at least be able to throw an item and teleport to that location, and also have the ability to attract loot right into her hands. Sounds like a thief alright.

Fortune’s Favor also brings the introduction of quests to Apex Legends, a new way of earning rewards in-game. Not much information has been released about them, but expect them to be a more long-term objective than the daily and weekly challenges provided. And, of course, a new season also brings a new Ranked Series, the 4th one so far, with new updates and improvements to rotations and tiers.

Apex Legends: Season 5 - Fortune’s Favor launches on May 12th.

What do you think of the new season? Are you excited for the new legend? What do you think her abilities are? What will the new quests be like? Let us know!

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