Yes, yes, another HD remaster is coming our way, at least according to EA’s financial earnings report. In the document, Electronic Arts highlights 14 new games that they want to bring out in the next fiscal year, which ends on March 31st 2021, and one of those titles includes “an HD remake of an EA game,” and it sure sounds a lot like it could be a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered.

Whilst there are no specific details laid out in the report, a source with close ties to the industry stated in their report that it is in fact a ME Trilogy Remastered. Jeff Grubb is a well known games journalist who has provided many forms of reliable information in the industry, and recently published his own report on EA’s financial report, which is where he also claimed that the Mass Effect Remastered Trilogy is real and coming in the next year.

If this is indeed true, it would certainly line up with the release of the next-gen consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which would arguably be a perfect time for the Mass Effect series to be upgraded in glorious graphical ways. Plus, EA is planning to do an online event this Summer to announce news, showcase premieres etc. with EA Play Live on June 11th, so we’ll probably hear some more concrete information from them at that time.

Whatever they do to upgrade the visuals and controls for a remaster (if it’s indeed true), I really hope they don’t port over the facial animation system from Mass Effect Andromeda. Actually, whilst we’re at it, can we just get an Andromeda reboot please? Thanks.

What do you think? Would you be excited for a Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered? What other EA title could it possibly be? Let us know!

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"Screw the HD Remaster. Just give us a better ending in ME3."
"That's just great. We get to see ME3's pathetic ending with better graphics."