Whether you’re braving the wilderness on your own or with friends, it can get tricky to drive out there in the rough terrain, so Saber Interactive have put together a short little video on some basic tips to help you out of the mud (or snow) in their latest title, SnowRunner. So if you’re stuck, hopefully this video can you help out just as much as that winch can.

If you’re like me, then you have pretty little to no knowledge about how a car works, let alone an engine, so getting myself stuck in precarious situations is all too common for me. Thankfully I can rely on these few tips to help out because I forgot what a differential lock did. I’m one of those people who screams “it’s not working!” when I clearly have the handbrake still on.

You know that saying “short, controlled bursts” for first-person shooters? Turns out the same applies to driving, as flooring it on the gas pedal will likely sink you into a deeper hole than before. I sure as hell knew this, but chose to ignore it anyway because video games can’t be that realistic right? Well SnowRunner got me there, because after following that advice I now rarely get stuck… sometimes.

Let us know if this video seemed helpful to you at all, otherwise it’s clear that I’m just bad at the game. If it was useful though, then we can share some more videos when Saber uploads them. So let us know!