It’s been a while since we got our bloody hands on some demon skulls as we ripped and teared our way through DOOM Eternal’s campaign, and if you’ve been itching for some more demon slaughter content, then don’t fret because Eternal’s campaign DLC is on the way and we have officially gotten our first look thanks to the official DOOM Twitter account.

Sneak peak screenshots from our first upcoming campaign DLC” the tweet says accompanied by two new screenshots of locations in the first expansion, and they look pretty wild. The first image seems to take us back to Urdak, and where we fought the Khan Maykr. The second picture, however, is a bit more mysterious. We’re not sure where this one takes place, but we’re definitely getting some Metal Gear Solid V vibes off it.

Unfortunately no more details were given like when we’ll actually get to experience these new worlds and locations, or when we can crack open some more Demon ribcages, however there is 1 thing we know right at least; after some recent controversy surrounding DOOM Eternal’s soundtrack, Mick Gordon will unfortunately not return for the DLC.

Since he won’t be returning and there hasn’t been an announcement for his replacement, this first expansion is probably a while away before release. But who knows, maybe we’ll see a trailer and a launch date soon.

What do you think of the new screenshots? Are you excited to get back into DOOM Eternal? Where do you think these screenshots take place? And what will the story be? Let us know your thoughts!