It’s pretty known at this point that in any given competitive multiplayer game there will be cheaters who want to spoil the fun, and it’s no surprise that one of the biggest video game franchises in history has some of the worst problems with hackers after releasing their Battle Royale mode as free-to-play. Infinity Ward have already taken some steps to combating the issue, but they’ve now implemented a new security system into Call of Duty Warzone that will hopefully reduce the chances of banned cheaters creating new accounts.

Starting from today, all new players who create an account for Warzone on PC will be required to initiate an SMS authentication procedure as IW stated on their Twitter page: “Security Update: We have initiated two-step SMS authentication for new #Warzone PC users, who log in as free to play as another step to provide an additional layer of security for players.

This is all designed so that cheaters who get banned from the game have lower chances of just creating a new account with no consequences, as the phone number associated with the account will also be banned. But what’s interesting here is that the security procedure is targeted for only PC players. Cheaters and hacks are notoriously much harder to implement on consoles, but they are still possible.

This comes after console users have been disabling crossplay on their systems in order to combat the rampant cheating problem. And no, we’re not talking about Keyboard and Mouse advantages here, or high frame rates and FOV sliders. Many have voiced concerns about cheaters online using hacks such as the ability to see through walls, no recoil, and aimbot. A quick search online will display a plethora of evidence towards cheaters online using these various hacking tools.

Hopefully this means the problem will start to die down a bit, but the issue is still persistent and remains the most problematic when it comes to banning, so we’ll have to see if Infinity Ward starts working on a new system for that soon or implements more security measures in the future.

What do you think of the situation in CoD Warzone? Have you encountered any issues with cheaters? Do you think this new procedure will help? Or will hackers still find a way around it? Let us know your thoughts!