Just when we thought we couldn’t get more excited for the reveal from 2K about that Mafia: Trilogy remaster, it seems like Microsoft accidentally may have spilled some more information about the games ahead of time on their official Windows Store. The store page, which has now since been deleted, showed a few juicy screenshots of the original 2002 game remastered in gorgeous HD and modern graphics.

2K recently teased the remastered versions of all 3 Mafia games recently in one complete trilogy, but it looks like all 3 games will be sold separately too, as the Mafia: Definitive Edition was listed on the Microsoft Store shortly before being taken down, most likely due to the screenshots below being accidentally leaked. There was also a trailer that supposedly leaked on the Store page as well.

So as you can see, we have the iconic 2002 game being completely remastered with modern graphics settings, and it honestly looks gorgeous. From potato character models, to beautiful realistic graphics, this is most definitely the definitive version of the game.

What do you think of the screenshots? Are you excited for a definitive edition of the original Mafia game? Let us know!

Our Favorite Comments
"Those are some mind-blowingly realistic graphics! "
NeoPGX -
"Mafia 1 is a total "Remake" with a few new missions as wellMafia 2 is a "Remaster""
"I am very excited to play 1 and 2 (Depending on the price they charge)i Couldn't even finish 3 the bugs oh the Bugs and the frame rate was terrbile, but i will defo play 1 and 2 again!"