Realistic graphical effects and Minecraft have been going hand-in-hand together ever since mods were made to simulate the real-time lighting effects. Shaders and texture packs have all been used to try and emulate the game-changing graphics technology, but then Nvidia came out with their Beta of Minecraft with RTX that used the official ray tracing technology of their Turing cards to create wonderful worlds that show off the beautiful effects.

6 worlds were included within the Beta, along with the tools to create your own RTX world, but now Nvidia have added 5 brand new worlds this month to experience and explore. “Now, we’re releasing Creator Worlds Pack #2, featuring 5 new Creator Worlds, with new gameplay, new uses of Minecraft with RTX’s ray-traced effects, and new physically-based textures that further enhance the jaw dropping visuals,” Nvidia said on an official blog post.

Enjoy the new survival spawn map, Hilltop Lifestyle RTX, or play an egg hunt mini-game with Egg Hunt RTX. Live your life in a rural medieval village in Medieval RTX, or take on the hidden horrors of The Dark Village RTX. Finally, you can uncover the dark mysteries of an underground facility in The Observer RTX. Check out these new worlds you can experience below:

If you’ve wondered before whether these are purely just meant to show off the technology and nothing else, well I can assure you that almost all of the worlds on offer have some sort of quest/objective to accomplish and actually includes gameplay other than marvelling at the cool effects for 15 minutes and then logging out. I’ve personally played a few of them and they’re actually quite fun, it’s a shame that multiplayer functionality is not quite implemented yet.

But in my opinion, even just getting to see the amazing performance increase with DLSS 2.0 is worth it alone to snap up the Beta. And if you haven't downloaded the Beta yet but you want to experience what's on offer, here's how you can download the Minecraft with RTX Beta.

In addition to these new worlds, Nvidia is offering up an RTX 2080 Ti and “other fabulous prizes” in their GeForce RTX World Sweepstakes to anyone who snaps up some really cool looking screenshots from any of the worlds currently on offer.

And finally, Nvidia has also released a new update to the Minecraft with RTX Beta that sees general performance and ray-traced effects improvements including an update to glass transparency, increased performance on the GeForce RTX 2080 at 1080p, improved visibility at night with lighting adjustments, and improved image quality for low-res resource packs by providing more accurate per-pixel emissive lighting on low res textures.

You can download the new update through the Microsoft Store App, plus all of the new worlds are available in-game within the Minecraft Marketplace.

What do you think of the new worlds? Have you been playing the Minecraft with RTX Beta? What are your thoughts so far? Let us know!