Yesterday we got our official first look at the next Unreal Engine version, showcasing some truly stunning next-gen graphics in Unreal Engine 5 on the PlayStation 5. And whilst the engine isn’t set to come out officially until mid 2021, Epic has revealed the equivalent specs needed for a PC to run the tech demo, called Lumen in the land of Nanite, and apparently it would require a whopping RTX 2070 Super in order to run at least on a PC system.

Apparently the demo itself ran at 1440p most of the time, thanks to the dynamic resolution scaling implemented within the Virtualized geometry tech, even though the video itself was 4K resolution. It’s very likely that the demo was set to 4K with all the textures scaled to 1440p most of the time, but the frame rate was noticeably running at sub 60fps, closely hanging around at the 30fps mark instead. Which doesn’t exactly instill the most amount of confidence in next-gen consoles, and certainly doesn’t look too good for the system requirements of next-games on PC.

However, what’s most interesting here is that the demo apparently did not use any of the dedicated hardware for ray tracing, as everything ran on the PS5’s shader processors, so it is possible for these types of graphics effects to be achieved without the need of an RTX card in the future.

Finally, Epic noted that these graphics were made even more possible by the use of the PS5’s SSD, even going as far to say that a normal hard drive or even a SATA SSD wouldn’t be fast enough to load the high res textures used in the demo, and an NVME SSD would be needed in order to load the textures at the required speed on a PC. So it’s possible that we may even see storage drive requirements for games in the future, with some maybe even explicitly stating a certain SSD needed for the recommended system requirements.

What are your thoughts? Would you buy an RTX 2070 Super just to play UE5 games? Is 30fps acceptable for graphics at this fidelity? Do you think games will require a certain SSD as part of their recommended system requirements? Let us know by voting below!

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"I doubt future games will look like this and expect to run at a stable framerate. This tech demo is just to show what next-gen consoles will be capable of."
"Well considering that the Xbox Seires S will have a GPU that will be at the very least as good as the RX 5700xt and RTX 2070 Super, I'm not surprised. The PS5 should have a GPU that's equally as good too."
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