We all love games here, and most of us would have run into instances where we needed to upgrade our rig in order to get better performance out of the games we want. Sometimes we preemptively buy them so that we're ready for the next big game, and sometimes we hold off as long as possible to get the most lifespan out of our cards, and some of us have even thought about running a multi-GPU setup using SLI or Crossfire.

But are SLI and Crossfire finished? Are they even worth it anymore? It seems like for the past few years that less and less games include support for multi-GPU setups. Nvidia has even abandoned SLI compatibility on most of their lower end cards in a series, with only an RTX 2070 Super or above compatible with SLI connections in the 20 series cards now.

Sure, some of the most popular games out there still support SLI or Crossfire, like Skyrim, PUBG or The Witcher 3, but none of the big AAA titles recently that I can think of have supported it. Even though GTA 5 is compatible with SLI/Crossfire, the more recent Red Dead Redemption 2 still does not support it. The latest Assassins Creed: Odyssey or even Assassins Creed: Origins also don’t support SLI or Crossfire, so it’s unlikely that the upcoming Assassins Creed: Valhalla will support it either.

This is all to say that maybe SLI and Crossfire are finished, maybe it's a dying breed. Granted the setups do require more money since you’re literally buying another graphics card and then compensate with a bigger power supply, compatible motherboard etc. But does that mean developers should put less time and resources into supporting it?

What do you guys think? Is SLI or Crossfire dead? What’s the most recent game you played that supported it? And would you consider using a multi-GPU setup now? Let us know!

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