There’s nothing quite like mods when it comes to video games, from early map creations in the original Doom games, to adding lightsabers in Skyrim, mods have been at the core of most hardcore game audiences. SnowRunner has introduced a limited selection of mods so far, but support for more modding features will be made available soon, along with downloadable mods on consoles. Check out this new video for a look at some of the zany creations already, as well as how to set up and install the mods yourself.

The official partnership with is in full-swing, and you can already download dozens of mods created by eager community members to enhance your game with new vehicles, harder and more realistic driving, system changes, crazy (and unexpected) creations - and much more

So Saber Interactive has teamed up with to essentially bring a Steam Workshop-style system of adding mods to your game. Simply create an account in-game, go to the website, subscribe to the mods you want, and then activate the mods in-game. It’s really as easy and simple as that.

Currently there are only vehicle mods available, but SI has stated that modding support will expand in the future with free updates to the tools available that will allow for custom maps, missions and even interiors. These updates will roll out soon though in the first phase of the SnowRunner Season Pass, but modding support for consoles will come at a later date.

What do you think of the mods so far? Have you downloaded any? What’s been your favorite? Let us know!