Have you ever purchased a game only for it to go on sale a week later? Or, even worse, the very next day? It’s happened to a lot of us and it can be really frustrating. Though, obviously digital storefronts can’t advertise when and how much a sale is going to be, but Epic Games has taken the unusual stance of allowing customers to gain a partial refund from games purchased just before a sale started.

In a recent tweet, a game designer and co-founder of Studio Mayday, Joshua Boggs, released an image showing the statement Epic Games gave to him regarding the partial refund. “You recently placed orders from the Epic Games Store,” the message states, “the price of the game(s) you purchased were recently lowered, so we are issuing partial refunds for the difference(s).

Surprisingly, this isn’t just a good move for happier consumers, it actually has direct effects on the economy of buying and selling video games. Many consumers are stricken by this one ideology: “why buy something now, when I could just buy it on sale later?” This new policy by Epic Games might help alleviate that issue, as Boggs puts it:

If this move by Epic is going to roll out, they’re effectively ensuring stability in the trust of their store’s economy by encouraging people to buy without worrying if the game they’re buying will suddenly decrease in value later.

Currently, no other storefront is offering this kind of policy, so Epic Games sure has a leg up there. And it comes just in time for their Mega Sale currently going on.

Epic Games has had an… interesting relationship with consumers lately. When the Epic Games Store was first announced, it didn’t exactly get the best reaction, and the company has felt those effects still to this day. However, they’ve tried to rectify the situation by offering up lots of great AAA and indie games for free, recently releasing their biggest one yet, Grand Theft Auto 5.

What do you think of the new policy? How will this affect the industry? Have you been given a partial refund? Let us know your thoughts!

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"I honestly dont get how epic games makes money. I havent spent a dime in that store and I have: Watch Dogs, Just Cause 4, Grand Theft Auto V, The Stanley Parable, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and World War Z."
"Say what you want about the Epic Games store but they have been making all the right moves as of late. Love them or hate them but we have to give them their due. And I do support the Epic Games store for moves just like this one."