In some somewhat surprising but not-so-surprising news, the famous polish company, CD Projekt, has now become the most valuable video games company in Europe, officially overtaking the french company of Ubisoft. Their subsidiary company, CD Projekt Red, that was responsible for releasing The Witcher 3, has become one of the most recognisable names in the industry, especially now that most eyes are on their upcoming tech-noir RPG Cyberpunk 2077.

So to put it into perspective, CDP is currently valued at €8.01 billion (PLN 36.5 Billion) whereas Ubisoft is currently worth €7.82 billion (PLN 35.6 Billion). It is worth noting however, that CDP generated a total of PLN 521 million in revenue and PLN 175 million in net profit, whilst Ubisoft claimed a hefty PLN 1.89 billion revenue alone in their Q3 of the financial year 2019.

Plus, Ubisoft is planning to release a total of 5 AAA games this year, including Rainbow Six: Quarantine, Gods & Monsters, Watch Dogs Legion and Assassins Creed: Valhalla plus another unannounced title that will most likely be revealed at the Ubisoft digital conference (possibly Far Cry 6). So Ubisoft might take their position back this year as most valuable company in Europe.

Then again, CD Projekt Red will be releasing the highly anticipated CP2077 later this year on September 17th and will surely break some records there. But nevertheless, it’s great to see a company dedicated to quality rather than quantity beating out another giant who regularly churns out multiple games with similar experiences year after year. Hopefully Ubisoft will take notes now.

What do you think of the news? Will this affect the overall industry? Let us know your thoughts!

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"Well deserved. Glad to see a company that's pro-consumer to gamers and fans everywhere do so well. "
"So satisfying to see a pro consumer company achieving this. A clear lesson to the rest of the industry"
"May the Sun never set on CDPR. "
"Konami is asleep amidst the trees,EA is swaying in the breeze,Activision lies anxious wide awake,Fearing all manner of declining sales and hate.For your dolly Bethesda, sleep has flown,Don't dare let Ubisoft tremble alone.As CDPR, brave and bold,Paid in coin of gold.They will..."