Half-Life: Alyx opening area has been recreated in Far Cry 5's level editor

Written by Chad Norton on Sat, May 23, 2020 11:00 AM
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Mods are great, but sometimes level editors are even better. Giving players full control over crafting their own levels and experience with much more user friendly drag-and-drop systems than the hard to master game engines and coding languages. Arguably one of the best in the industry is the Far Cry level editor, more specifically the Far Cry 5 one, and this fan-made recreation of Half-Life: Alyx’s opening area just goes to prove it.

Who needs a non-VR version of HL: Alyx when you have a level editor at your disposal? Whilst we can debate about the base game’s quality, Far Cry 5’s editor allows for the greatest amount of creativity than any other Far Cry game before it. So much so that user SaintPerkele decided to create the opening area of the VR exclusive Half-Life Alyx with great detail. Check out the video for yourself:

From the placement of objects like the beer bottles, watering can, and the radio, to the miraculous detail of the city’s location, this level is almost exactly like the opening area of Alyx’s intro. Just with a little less story and a few more guns, but the attention to detail is spot on really. Now we just need some sort of replacement for the gravity gloves and we’re all set...

SaintPerkele has even recreated several other set pieces, including a condensed version of Portal and even a recreation of the Unreal Engine 5 demo's starting area.

You can download the level via Far Cry 5’s Arcade and experience the first area of Half-Life: Alyx in Far Cry’s engine.

What do you think of the level? Was it a faithful recreation? Would you be interested in playing it? Do you think Half-Life: Alyx could be recreated entirely in Far Cry? Let us know!

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It's SanktPerkele.


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