The Epic Games Store has been dishing out free games every week in order to entice more customers into using their digital storefront, as well as increasing their reputation among consumers. Their ‘mystery free game’ promotion has been gaining a lot of traction and speculation as to what each mystery title could be. But a leak from a while ago might have actually spoiled what the next two free games from Epic will actually be.

The past two weeks have seen some absolute mammoths of video games being released for completely free including Civilization 6 (which is still available) and the previous week’s Grand Theft Auto 5 which even broke the store’s servers. However, the next 2 games could very well be Borderlands: The Handsome Jack Collection and ARK: Survival Evolved, as a picture was posted to reddit about 10 days ago.

Normally this kind of rumor wouldn’t garner a lot of attention as it could easily have been faked, considering that the image released just after GTA 5 was announced as the free mystery game, you could easily think that the rest of the games available were just speculation. But Civ 6 was recently just revealed as the free mystery game, so that’s 2 out of 4 now, we’re on a good track record here.

After that it’s uncertain what Epic will have on offer, but at this rate they’ll be giving out tonnes of AAA titles for free over the next few months until they eventually decide to stop, which we hope they don’t.

So what do you think of the next free games? Do any of them interest you? Which one are you excited to get for free? Let us know!

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