Okay, okay, I know, I know, we’ve talked about a lot of rumors and possible leaks surrounding the next mainline Grand Theft Auto game, and you’re probably sick and tired of it, but now we actually have some substantial evidence as to when the release date of GTA 6 might actually be. A new financial report detailing Take-Two Interactive’s planned marketing budget for the next 5 years indicates a very large spike in spending for the fiscal year of 2024, and it’s over twice as much as any other year in that period.

We know that Take-Two are planning to release 93 games over the next 5 years, and it’s more than likely that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be one of those titles, so considering that Take Two are planning on spending $89.2 million dollars in the year ending March 2024, it’s most likely that GTAVI will be released at some point in 2023.

(The report was updated from last year, and the budget for FY2023 was moved to the following year)

Of course, Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest franchises in history, and not just in the video game industry, plus GTA Online continually rakes in millions of dollars from microtransactions, so it would make sense that the sequel to one of the most successful video games of all time would get a rather large marketing campaign.

The timing also starts to make a lot of sense when you think about it, because next-gen consoles will be launching this holiday, it wouldn’t make sense for Rockstar to rush development for a current-gen and next-gen launch (even though GTA 5 did the exact same thing), and since Grand Theft Auto Online is still making so much money, Rockstar are certainly in no rush. Finally, 2023 would mark 3 years after the release of next-gen consoles, giving more than enough time for players to be on the platform in order to make enough sales.

It’s worth noting that previous Rockstar Games release dates have been leaked due to similar reports, including Red Dead Redemption 2’s initial release date for consoles.

So what do you think? Will Grand Theft Auto VI be released in 2023? Are you excited for it? What do you think the story will be like? And how will GTA Online transition to the next entry? Let us know your thoughts!