After some serious backlash regarding the integration of Denuvo Anti-Cheat and reports of performance issues when update 1 was released, Bethesda has now released update 1.1 which officially removes the software from DOOM Eternal, though you may have to uninstall it manually from your system to get rid of it completely. Plus, the new update fixes those aforementioned performance issues.

It’s worth noting here that the performance issues were apparently not linked to the Denuvo Anti-Cheat integration, and instead was caused by issues to do with customizable skins, memory-related crashes, and a VRAM allocation change. The update also completely broke support for the Linux platform, but no word on whether the new update 1.1 has fixed these issues yet.

Since these performance issues were unrelated to Denuvo, it’s unclear whether the Anti-Cheat software will make a return in a future update, or whether Bethesda will leave it alone after the tremendous backlash received.

Either way, the update is available now for all those who were worried about the integration or various performance issues. In order to uninstall the Denuvo anti-cheat properly from your system you will have to go into your Windows add/remove programs feature and select it from there.

Denuvo Removo, until it is done.

What do you think of the update? Has Bethesda done well to listen to the negative feedback? Or has the damage already been done? Let us know!

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"Kudos to ID Software for listening to its fans and for actually keeping a clear line of communication throughout the whole situation. They rightly deserved the success that came with Doom Eternal."