Well, it’s official! The loot-em-up shoot-em-up set in a crazy world filled with crazy characters and an even crazier amount of weapons and, crazily enough, even being made into a movie! Yes, the Borderlands: Handsome Collection is free right now on the Epic Games Store until June 4th. Get Borderlands 2, literally all the DLC for it (that’s 50 items of DLC in total), and even Borderlands: The Pre-sequel in one complete package. Sadly, it doesn't include the latest Borderlands 3 though, but it's still a pretty good bundle if you ask me.

If you were wondering, yes that’s a crazy amount of value all for the price absolutely nothing. Currently, the price of each individual game and DLC comes to roughly $229.48 (£181.98) on Steam, with the collection itself totaling $59.80 (£47.51), which is a pretty good deal in it’s own right. So grab your shiniest meat bicycle and claim that loot!

This also marks the rest of the Borderlands series' introduction to the Epic Games Store, after Borderlands 3 was exclusive to the platform for 6 months, there was no sign of any of the other Borderlands games on the storefront yet. But now they’re here, and what better way to make an entrance than to release it for free.

Borderlands 2 remains the crowning king in the collection, as it’s still possibly the best one in the franchise, though that's just my opinion. I think I’ve played through it like 10 times? But it never gets old, so it’s quite a steal if you ask me. Plus, if you have the game but not all of the DLC, then why the hell not download and claim your free copy for all that juicy expansion-ness?

You can download the Borderlands: Handsome Collection now until June 4th from the Epic Games Store.

So it looks like that Epic Games Store Mystery Game leak was right after all, so with 3 out of 4 leaks correct, then next week it will be ARK: Survival Evolved on offer as the next 'mystery' free game.

What do you think? Are you excited for the Borderlands: Handsome Collection? Have you played any of the Borderlands games before? If so, which one was your favorite? Let us know!

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