Ever played the original DOOM games and thought “man, this would be really good as a third-person hack and slash game.” No? Well don’t fret because this guy did so that we don’t have to. DOOM: Eternal Slayer is a mod for the original DOOM 2 game that turns everyone’s favorite and lovable DOOM Guy into a 3D warrior wielding the epic crucible sword from DOOM Eternal.

Made by Edy Pagazza (also known as Zheg), the mod isn’t exactly complete, but there will be 3 more melee weapons plus the original weapons from DOOM 2 but in the same 3D style. There will also be exclusive boss fights including “the marauder and icon of sin” but that it “will take some time to release it.” Watch the video below for a peak at some of the 3D hack n’ Slash glory.

Seems like there's a lot of inspiration for mods in other games inspired by the recent DOOM Eternal, as the Serious Sam Fusion game got the ol' DOOM treatment not that long ago in Operation Skyfall. But we're not complaining, it's great to see the love for the source material and the modding community still so active. Now please, id Software, please just give us modding support for Eternal? Thanks!

What do you think of the mod? Are you going to download DOOM: Eternal Slayer? What else would you like to see in it? Let us know!