Are you itching for the release of the Crysis Remaster? Can you not sit idly by whilst waiting to hear how more PC systems will melt with the upcoming remaster? Well you’re in luck, because the Crysis Enhanced Edition mod will turn the original game into a beautiful masterpiece, just in time to get you hyped for the official Crysis Remastered game.

With gorgeous new textures up to 8K resolution, and all new graphical effects added for enhanced fidelity and immersion, the Crysis Enhanced Edition mod made by the Remaster Studio (who also did that Stalker remaster mod) is perfect for any Crysis fan who can’t wait for the official remaster to release soon. Currently only available to Patreon Silver members, check out the trailer they made for it below:

If you ask me those might be some of the best textures I’ve seen in a video game for a while now, rivalling even those photorealistic textures from the Unreal Engine 5 demo a while back. Plus the inclusion of several effects like screen space reflections, enhanced lighting and particle lights, are welcome additions to this gorgeous game.

And that music, man that takes me back.

Watching to the end of the video you'll notice a tease for a Crysis Warhead remaster mod which, considering the official Crysis Remastered won't include the Warhead DLC or any of the sequels, is a very welcome addition. There's no mention of ray tracing support for this mod, so if you want to see the beautiful Lingshan Islands in all it's ray traced glory, you'll have to wait for the official remaster.

The Crysis Enhanced Edition mod is made by the very talented Remaster Studio and is currently only available to their Silver Patrons.

What do you think of the mod? Will you be downloading it? Are you excited for the Crysis Remaster? And what other remaster mods have you come across? Let us know!